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Glaoigh orainn

Tianjin Sanon Steel Pipe Co.,LTD.


Floor 8. Jinxing Building, No 65 Hongqiao Area, Tianjin,China





Luan-Aoine: 09:00-06:00

Satharn, Domhnach: Dúnta


Príomh, Alt Easpórtáil 1 (hÁise margadh agus i dtíortha eile)
Guthán: + 86-022-58658800


Príomh, Alt Easpórtáil 2 (India agus Meán-Oirthear Limistéar)
Guthán: + 86-022-58658800
Ríomhphost: Grace@sanonpipe.com


Príomh, Rannóg Easpórtáil 3 (An Rúis, an Chasacstáin, Úisbéiceastáin)
Guthán: + 86-022-58658800
Ríomhphost: Vika@sanonpipe.com


Príomh, Easpórtáil Alt 4 (An Chóiré Theas, Singeapór, An Astráil)
Guthán: + 86-022-58658800
Ríomhphost: sanonpipe5@126.com

Ryan Gu

Príomh, Alt Easpórtáil 5 (Eacuadór agus Vítneam)
Guthán: + 86-022-58658800
Ríomhphost: Ryan@sanonpipe.com

This is sunny responsibale for international market, head of sales,5 years in pipe industry, 24 hours service for every visitor,customer,provide market resources and informations.

I was born and raised in Tianjin . 8 years experiences in exporting. I am glad to communicate with clients. Enjoy being a teammate with my customers and helping them solve their material needs.

I was born in a small town in northern China and graduated from MINZU University in Beijing. I have lived and worked in Beijing before making the move to Tianjin to join SANON PIPE. I have been in sales for the last three years, and love the job of selling pipe.

I was born in Tianjin, graduated from Yunnan University and went back to Tianjin join the SANON PIPE. I've been in sales for two years,I’d like to solve clients’ problem in purchasing.

I was born in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, and attended college in Baoding City. I had learned 2D after effect and video edit. And have worked in the steel industry for 3 years. I am very happy to enter the family of Sanon International.

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